Mother’s Day 2018: Family Tree Brooch

IMEC and Elise Moran are working together to make this Mother’s Day 2018 especially memorable.

The “Family” Tree Brooch is guaranteed to become a family heirloom. Handmade, in silver, the brooch is adored with jewels representing each child with their birthstone.  Or maybe Mom’s favorite gem stone? Additional stones can be added with the birth of each child or grandchild.

Have an idea for the “Family Tree” Brooch? At IMEC we always welcome customization.  

This is a special order; please allow three weeks for delivery.

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Let's collaborate!

At IMEC we welcome all your ideas.

Maybe Mom has a favorite gemstone? Maybe all turquoise to represent New Mexico?

All ideas are great ideas.  


What's my birthstone? 

Each month of the year is represented by a gemstone. Find your birthstone here


Not a brooch fan? 

The brooch easily converts into a pendant, making an eye-catching necklace.